Saturday, October 29, 2016

variations on a theme

I am so glad it is Saturday! The sweetlings, Jamie, and I are absolutely ambling around the house and yard (lovely pace, ambling, yes?) from project to project. Stopping occasionally to talk something over, like the very serious business of pumpkin carving designs or what to do with the leftover melted beeswax, we then head to the kitchen for a snack or a cup of coffee and then back to projects.

It has been a gorgeous week - so busy, though! I keep saying things like, "When our schedule evens out..." or "When we settle into our routine..." but that doesn't seem likely to happen this fall at all. So many variations on a theme with our daily days, and what a challenge and a great blessing to be able to live them and to share them.

Just popping in here to record the joy of this gentle day. What fun to simply hang out with these guys, all five of us together in this place that we love.  And I've settled here at my desk for a little while to do some of my favorite things: write a little, create plans and more plans, catch up with my favorite journals. So many ideas are swirling around in my head!

Oh! I almost forgot to say that I tried a new recipe yesterday, one that I was so hoping to come here and share. Well, it turned out beautifully but just plain old lacked flavor! Bah! It makes me grumpy to waste ingredients (chocolate!! real maple syrup!!). If I could frame those muffin wanna-be cakes, we'd at least have the pleasure of looking at them for a while. I suppose I'll tuck away the joy of having made something new, along with the memory of the fun Ila, Jamie and I had baking together. And perhaps one day soon we'll bring out another new recipe to try.

OK, well, this is becoming a bit of a ramble, so I'll hush ♥

Pssst... Happy Saturday!

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