Wednesday, November 30, 2016

first night

Sitting here at my desk working away at the final details for a very special adventure coming up in just a little more than twenty hours. Some of Meredith's crew will be here for the first night of December, and oh, how we are going to celebrate!

They may never know what an absolute gift I consider the blessing of spending a little time with them to be, but I am going to do my very best to try to make it plain. Pray with me? Specifically, that the Father will make Himself known in a real way as we play and laugh and share and sing.

Ho-Ho-Happy Christmas Kick-Off to you, too! ♥

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

oh, Mr. Dickens!

One of the many most precious moments of this day...

Watching my sweetlings' faces melt into joy along with old Ebenezer's heart. How they fumed and fussed at him at the beginning of the story, and they were not pleased one little bit by Jacob Marley's visit. The ghost concept was, to quote Samuel, "just plain weird," but the glimpses they gave us were "exactly right!" It was a lovely first meeting with a favorite classic.

Tipping our caps to Mr. Dickens and holding Christmas close ♥

Monday, November 28, 2016

one step by one step

It has been a day of focusing on thankful things and preparing our hearts for advent, one of mending fraying edges of sibling relationship, and of remembering Whose we are and who we want to be to one another. Sitting down with each of my sweetlings in private conversation and heart-search has been tough and just so very grand. Isn't it amazing how those two things can be so intimately paired? There is nothing, not one single thing, that I would accept in the place of knowing my children and having them know me (as painful as it can be for me to see my faults in their eyes, behavior).

One would think that spending the moments, hours, days, and years together as we do that it would be a bit easier to remain constant in the diligence that is required for maintaining love, joy, peace and all the rest of that wonderful fruit in our relationships together. But I find, over and over, that it is not in any way akin to the process of osmosis! Ha! Just like I cannot place a book on my head and absorb what's inside, I cannot just speak love, quote love, dream love and expect it to be. I have to be love. Moment to moment and very much on purpose, intentionally loving them as a crew and individually --even when I am weary, even when I am just done with the concept of "mom", even when my own expectations, dreams, cares are shattered, even when... always love.

So, being love. One step by one step I am becoming. Oh, the mistakes! Oh, the failures! But by Christ's great mercy, grace, and love, I am becoming, we are becoming ♥

Thursday, November 24, 2016

If you could peek...

... into my view right now you would see my heart. The sweetlings and Jamie all in a row on the couch watching the Charlie Brownest, grinning madly, tummies full, having had a simple, lovely day together. We baked together all morning, running up and down to see Poppy, and he came up to celebrate with us. We talked the afternoon and early evening away. Hugs and hellos shared over the miles with Paige and her precious crew, and the blessing of having them close in our hearts no matter the distance was and is such a joy. Now everyone is settling into the quiet late of the day. They are so beautiful in my sight. What a gift to be here among them, to celebrate with them. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


As I bake and work today, singing and praying this...

Jesus come and be all I want and all I need
Be my portion and my strength forever

Jesus come and be all I want and all I need
Be the one desire in me forever

You’re everything, be everything
I live and breathe

Thanks-living here ♥

Lyric: More Than Rubies "Live and Breathe"

Friday, November 18, 2016

peanut butter acorns with chocolate sprinkle caps

• Samuel walking circles around behind my desk chattering about all that he has going on tomorrow

• Ila giggling at the video Abigail texted to us of Pumpkin

• Visiting with Meredith for nearly an hour this evening - just the two of us sitting cross-legged on my bed and talking about everything that comes to her mind

• Stopping to pray thanks for precious friends to love

• White twinkle lights in the vines over the door - every day

• Good things to read of all kinds: books, the sweetlings' stories, magazines, letters, journals

• Spending time with Ila today, camped out on the couch listening to her and sipping coffee

• our home

• a darling idea for a fun fall snack (hence the title of this post :)

And just now...
• Jamie telling the sweetlings it's time for bed, lots to do tomorrow, so we need a good night's rest, and Samuel comes back with, "Yeah! I gotta get up early and put my make-up on!!"  Ha! His final dress rehearsal is tomorrow, and he's most anxious of all about that part.

More counting today, and these are just a few ♥

Thursday, November 17, 2016

for my journal today...

• Samuel's sweet face all alight as we headed to his dress rehearsal

• Meredith delighted to be with Samuel and to be asked to help by Mrs B

• Ila bouncing all the way to the Art Society at the Depot for art class

• wonderful time visiting with the other mamas at our sweetlings' activities

• the colors between the trees at the entrance to our road

• plans that are taking shape for Thanksgiving next week

• time together

• a bit of a different schedule

• working on secret projects for the sweetlings for Christmas

• the sounds of my family all around in the house and outside just now

Counting, counting ♥

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

it's time

Do you remember that we love because He first loved us? Do you remember that notwithstanding the size of the giants, the grapes are enormous and the puddles are milk and honey? Do you remember that you were created for such a time as this? Do you remember Who is holding your right hand and in Whose hand you are held? Do you remember that the battle is won? Do you remember to Whom this earth and everything in it belongs? Do you remember that love always hopes?


Then glory in His Name. Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and His strength. Seek His face always. Ask. Seek. Knock. And remember the wonders He has done.

Remember. Stand. Walk. Love. Hope! ♥

Friday, November 4, 2016

when the air turns to gold

They giggle and laugh and dance and sing. Squabbles break out and they sound like so many geese all fussy and fretting, ruffled and peckish. Until one of them remembers love and forgiveness, grace, mercy... then smiles return and the others follow suit and three become one again. Off they go on an adventure in the outdoors (with the kitten all wrapped up in arms), and their joy shines all around us -- and is catching.

Piling back into the house when Pumpkin grows weary or when they need a snack or at my call, their voices fill all the space to bursting again. Questions, discussions, ideas, plans, just plain old silliness, and the wonder (that's my favorite if I have to choose) over some discovery are my heart's delight.

I realize then, once more, what a privilege it is to be their mom. The air all around has turned to gold and I am awash in grateful thanks. Oh, Father, thank You ♥

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

hooray for the home team

Sweetest moment of the day so far...

When you have the joy and the privilege of standing by the door at the stairs and listening to your dad and your uncle welcome your sweetlings in to watch the game with them. The mix and mingle of all of their precious voices has my heart singing thanks just now ♥

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

of coffee, naps, and pumpkin rescues

Do you know that moment when you are sitting at your desk, sipping on a positively scrumptious cup of coffee and thinking, "Oh, I am sooooo sleepy! I think I'd better hop up and do something!" And you don't, in fact, hop up at that very second of realization, so you find yourself half an hour later awaking to the sound of an amused chuckle. Your husband thinks you are adorably fuzzy, waking, but in truth you are a little on the grumpy side at having fallen asleep in the first place, a little stiff from the head on the back of the chair / chin to the sky position in which you dozed, and all in pins and needles in the foot that was up on your file box under your desk. Whew, I am a party girl, I tell you! Loads of fun in the early evening of our busiest day of the week, that's me.

It has been a really wonderful day, though (she says while grinning madly at the screen even though still a little sleepy-eyed from said cat nap). And speaking of cats... precisely one week ago today the littles were choosing their pumpkins on our fall adventure day, and today a pumpkin chose us! Our sweetlings are the proud mamas and papa to a teeny tiny orange kitten, just six weeks old. His cutie little face and golden eyes have fairly captured our hearts. He showed up in a box at our precious friends' house a few days ago, abandoned, and through their great kindness and help he is rescued. Our wee "Pumpkin" is healthy and well and currently purring like a fine engine in his new digs in the garage.

Now that I am fully awake, I think I'll pop out there and check on him again ♥