Tuesday, November 1, 2016

of coffee, naps, and pumpkin rescues

Do you know that moment when you are sitting at your desk, sipping on a positively scrumptious cup of coffee and thinking, "Oh, I am sooooo sleepy! I think I'd better hop up and do something!" And you don't, in fact, hop up at that very second of realization, so you find yourself half an hour later awaking to the sound of an amused chuckle. Your husband thinks you are adorably fuzzy, waking, but in truth you are a little on the grumpy side at having fallen asleep in the first place, a little stiff from the head on the back of the chair / chin to the sky position in which you dozed, and all in pins and needles in the foot that was up on your file box under your desk. Whew, I am a party girl, I tell you! Loads of fun in the early evening of our busiest day of the week, that's me.

It has been a really wonderful day, though (she says while grinning madly at the screen even though still a little sleepy-eyed from said cat nap). And speaking of cats... precisely one week ago today the littles were choosing their pumpkins on our fall adventure day, and today a pumpkin chose us! Our sweetlings are the proud mamas and papa to a teeny tiny orange kitten, just six weeks old. His cutie little face and golden eyes have fairly captured our hearts. He showed up in a box at our precious friends' house a few days ago, abandoned, and through their great kindness and help he is rescued. Our wee "Pumpkin" is healthy and well and currently purring like a fine engine in his new digs in the garage.

Now that I am fully awake, I think I'll pop out there and check on him again ♥

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