Friday, November 18, 2016

peanut butter acorns with chocolate sprinkle caps

• Samuel walking circles around behind my desk chattering about all that he has going on tomorrow

• Ila giggling at the video Abigail texted to us of Pumpkin

• Visiting with Meredith for nearly an hour this evening - just the two of us sitting cross-legged on my bed and talking about everything that comes to her mind

• Stopping to pray thanks for precious friends to love

• White twinkle lights in the vines over the door - every day

• Good things to read of all kinds: books, the sweetlings' stories, magazines, letters, journals

• Spending time with Ila today, camped out on the couch listening to her and sipping coffee

• our home

• a darling idea for a fun fall snack (hence the title of this post :)

And just now...
• Jamie telling the sweetlings it's time for bed, lots to do tomorrow, so we need a good night's rest, and Samuel comes back with, "Yeah! I gotta get up early and put my make-up on!!"  Ha! His final dress rehearsal is tomorrow, and he's most anxious of all about that part.

More counting today, and these are just a few ♥

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