Friday, November 4, 2016

when the air turns to gold

They giggle and laugh and dance and sing. Squabbles break out and they sound like so many geese all fussy and fretting, ruffled and peckish. Until one of them remembers love and forgiveness, grace, mercy... then smiles return and the others follow suit and three become one again. Off they go on an adventure in the outdoors (with the kitten all wrapped up in arms), and their joy shines all around us -- and is catching.

Piling back into the house when Pumpkin grows weary or when they need a snack or at my call, their voices fill all the space to bursting again. Questions, discussions, ideas, plans, just plain old silliness, and the wonder (that's my favorite if I have to choose) over some discovery are my heart's delight.

I realize then, once more, what a privilege it is to be their mom. The air all around has turned to gold and I am awash in grateful thanks. Oh, Father, thank You ♥

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