Sunday, December 25, 2016

o beautiful star

No manner of speaking (or writing in this case) will relieve the fullness of my heart, the joy of the season and this day in particular. And so, listing once more...

waking so very early in order to begin the day with gentle, peaceful time together

his sweet, beautiful face, all shaven and shorn (as he would say) for Sunday, and the expression in his eyes when he says good morning to me

making all things ready for the descent of the sweetlings into Christmas day

calling them to come downstairs and their thunderous, exultant delight in answer

stockings stuffed with 'just a little somethings' in the manner of the one who first taught that heart-giving style of gift giving to me

traditional Christmas morning casserole paired with time to enjoy the meal together

watching out the window as the sweetlings care for their score of fur creatures, and then listening to them come back in all set to get ready to head to church

singing along to The Young Messiah (circa the 90's) with Jamie to warm up as we drove to church, and the sweetlings discovering that they really like it, too

Christmas Sunday morning worship celebration with our precious church family

a duet with Jamie, for the first time ever outside the walls of our home (or car)  - joy all wrapped up in praise to the One who first imagined celebrations and Who first thought up gifting

sweet time together all afternoon, just being "we" - hanging out with Poppy, the sweetlings unwrapping surprises from Santa, playing, laughing, talking, singing a little more

Meredith with her nose perpetually stuck in one of her new books

Samuel shooting Nerf darts all over the house again and again and again in between intense Lego building sessions

Ila introducing her new doll to her doll family and finding each of them a place to sit with us in the living room

wrapping up the day with Jamie's favorite Christmas movie, watching the sweetlings adding it to their list of favorites, too

coming to find that Christmas has come anew

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas ♥

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