Tuesday, December 6, 2016

to clap and to cheer

This morning at CBS precious Cindy shared the story of a little boy who was trying out for a role in a play. It seems that even before he went to audition, he had chosen the part that he thought was exactly right for him --and he had his heart set on that part.

When he came home from the casting call and his mother asked him what part he had been given, he said, "Oh, Mama! I've been chosen to clap and to cheer!"

Our lesson was on spiritual gifts, you see. If we are in Christ, the Holy Spirit has come to dwell in us. Purposefully, specifically He (the Holy Spirit) chooses our gifts and gives them to us.

Our gifts are not random, not an accident, and not in or of our own power or making. They are no casual matter. He is intentional; they are chosen for us, a unique blend of who we are and what they are. We are so very loved! He knows us so well, and He knows and understands the Father's heart.

What a joy! And when we ask for eyes to see, He makes them known to us, equipping us for ministry and to encourage one another ♥

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