Saturday, December 10, 2016


Today, I am writing for him. For the beautiful man that he was, is, and is becoming, and for the gifts of his heart and life...

strength and grace
when he works and walks

heart and hope
when he writes, preaches, teaches

joy and delight
when he's with the sweetlings

sweet soul and melodies
when he plays and sings

dreaming, planting, harvesting
when he looks into coming days

loving and watching
as he takes precious time with the family

peace and kindness
as he lives our daily days

learning and growing
as he reaches out in the places of his portion

praying, leading, serving
as he loves us with his life

So beautiful he is. In the blue, blue of his eyes, in the sweet crinkles of laugh lines on his face, in the gentleness that is his way, in the great-heart that is his standard, in the use of his hands to create, in the tireless ways he cares for us, he is just so beautiful. More so now than even he was when we first met, just so lovely to me.

We were married twenty-two years ago today at eleven in the morning ♥


  1. Oh, sweet Quinne! Happy Anniversary to a dear couple who loves God and one another! (((hugs and blessings to you both.))) And may God continue to pour His favor upon your marriage, and may it bring Him such glory and be such a beautiful picture of His love for His church!

  2. Happy anniversary, what a lovely dedication!