Monday, December 19, 2016

use this text

Yesterday just after he read the Scripture and just before he began to share, my pastor prayed this prayer... "Father, use this text to change us forever." He asked that in Jesus' name, and then went on to teach a beautiful Christmas message from Micah.

But those eight words changed me. Those simple words, that simple request (actually not simple by any means) have taken up residence in my heart. I know, knew immediately, that they are the words I will always use before and after I read my Bible from now on --for they are the heart of the matter, and God's Word can and does and will do that, change us forever.

So, for the first day of this week, this precious few days of the week of Christmas, this is my wish and blessing for you, too. May His Word change you forever.

With so much love, Merry Monday ♥

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