Thursday, January 19, 2017

ladybugs, math, and cornbread chili casserole

Sweetest sweetling moments of the morning so far...

• Ila shouting for all of us to clear the way from the sun room to the kitchen door, so that she could rescue a tiny little ladybug and get it safely to a big pot of dirt on the back deck --where it would certainly be much happier than it was trying to fly around inside, bumping into walls or riding on the piece of paper she used for transporting it to safety.

• Meredith and Samuel sitting on the couch in the living room looking over a math question that had him completely perplexed. She was in full teacher-mode, except for the fact that she had forgotten how to do the particular kind of problem, much less explain it! So he had to leave the room while she talked aloud to herself and worked it out. It took her several (loud and exasperated) tries, by which time he had already begun work on a different assignment and so said he couldn't possibly stop for more math in the middle of writing a dialog between parts of the body.

• Working together to prepare food for the family of our precious Mrs. Virginia. What a joy to work alongside them, tasting, baking, making sure that things are as yummy as we can make them for special friends. Remembering together what a gift friends are, and sharing how thankful we are for forever with them in Christ ♥

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