Friday, January 6, 2017

o this year

Happy New Year, Friends ♥ Oh, I hope it has begun in the loveliest ways for you all. There is so much happening here that I can hardly keep up (already!! and we are only three days back into daily days!!), and I cannot wait to share it all. Hopefully there will be a little time and space in which to think soon, so I can begin to record the joy here.

I was reminded over the holiday season that Mr Franklin said, "Well done is better than well said," but I have to say that I will have both if at all possible. A pen and ink girl in absolute love with words, I cannot conceive of a higher form of expression of the praise that wells up and proceeds to splash all around.

Anyway... I wanted so to say hello and send my love here in the shiny brand new days of the new year ♥


  1. I adore you. So sweet to hear your heart expressed here.

  2. Love you, too, Stacy ♥ thank you for the sweet encouragement - always!