Thursday, February 23, 2017

M and J moments

That moment when you look out in the pasture and your eldest sweetling is teaching her dad to lead a horse. Jamie has never done that before, not being very fond of finding or putting himself in close proximity to large animals. And yet, he walked out there to the barn and asked her to show him how.

I am sitting here amazed, and all I can think is, "What won't love do?"  If ever that sweet girl has a moment when she wonders about her dad's love for her, she could look back to this moment and know for sure.

Love makes a way to make sure that we know, doesn't it?
Thanking God for that beautiful fact ♥

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I say it over and over again, but there are just so many things...

• sweet, sweet Saturday

• friends to love

• the privilege of prayer

• time with Jamie

• the sweetlings playing together, their laughter

• learning new things

• talking and laughing with my sister on the phone for more than an hour

• wonderful things to read

• seeing the Father at work again and again and again

• adding the third color to the blanket I am making for Jamie

• adding lovely things to my encouragement wall

• this precious place in time

• wonderful winter with the promise of spring

• beautiful paper and a great pen

• mama-hearts to hear and to share and to know and to love

• this from my reading this week: "the peace of our souls is tethered to all that God is"

• much more

• making valentines

• celebrating every single thing

• sharing a new adventure

Oh, what a joy to realize that I could just go on and on every time I come here to list for a while. Such a full heart today. So many, many thankful things ♥

quote from Uninvited by L TerKeurst

Saturday, February 4, 2017

in, with & by

From my reading this morning, upon the subject of living loved and making sure that I take time with Him daily...

"We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve what God simply wants us to slow down enough to receive. He really does have it all worked out. The gaps are filled. The heartache is eased. The provision is ready. The needs are met. The questions answered. The problems are solved.

In Him. With Him. By Him.

We just have to turn to Him. And sit with Him. No matter what. Even if our toes are bloody from the constant wear and tear of desperately running to Him. Get to Him daily."

Oh, to faithfully remember that He is I AM and that all things --all things-- are to Him and through Him. The LION and the LAMB, the BEGINNING and the END. Oh, to faithfully be there morning after morning after morning working out my faith, my life in His precious heart's words with Him. Pray. Read. Study. Listen. Pray. Practice. Repeat. Until the muscle memory of my heart and soul cannot do anything but recall His power, grace, mercy and love, and the hope that lives and breathes there with Him spills right out and all over everywhere around this one life as I simply abide. And He is glorified. And His Name is proclaimed. And life in Him defeats death again and again ♥

quote from Uninvited by LTerKeurst

Thursday, February 2, 2017

all the things ^_^

A few posts ago I wrote that I was hoping for a day soon to begin to share about the lovely things that have been happening here since the Christmas season. Perhaps a list would be the best way to approach recording the joy and challenge of these new days? Well, let's see...

• I am writing and developing our home school curriculum. The Father began working in my heart toward this end in earnest around Thanksgiving, and by Christmas-time Jamie and I were sure how to proceed. It is enormous, and it is fun, and it is serious work... and we are all enjoying it so much! We are continuing with a few of the basics from our former plan, the maths and some of the language arts basics, but other than that, it's new.

• Our family is learning fiber arts. The sweetlings and I attended our first knitting/crochet club meeting in January, and we now have one knitter and four crochet-ers here. There is so much to learn, and there are so many things to make and to dream. Our short-term goals are even stitches (lol) and fun, and our long-term goals include learning to spin and work yarn from the wool of our own sheep.

• The sweetlings (and the parents - lol) continue to try to adapt and learn to care for ten fur creatures. Over the past two months, we welcomed a rescue kitten (Pumpkin), a horse (Mystery), and a puppy (Rolo) --in addition to our beloved lab and six adopted sheep. Things are beginning to even out as we relax into it a bit and now that the littlest fur babies have grown some. I guess that about the time we're all in a routine it will be time to bring over the bee hives!

• Meredith is once again taking part in Mrs B's drama class at our co-op, and has received a part that she is delighted to work out.  The rest of the winter and early spring will be filled with rehearsals and planning and creative work-shopping and productions. Samuel is taking his first martial arts class, which is something very new for all of us. He is particularly excited about the athletics involved and how this might enhance his soccer skills. We shall see! Ila is having a super time in her American Girls class. She is learning history through games, stories and fun, and there is a tea party during class every week!

• We are busy working to sell our yellow house. Please pray with us as we look toward wrapping up this season. It was a very special home to all of us; so many gorgeous memories were born there. And pray that it will be a wonderful place of joy and years for the new family that comes to live in it.

• In the last couple of weeks I have decided to expand and share my love of essential oils. I have been researching them and experimenting with them for the past year and have been blown away by their usefulness and effectiveness in keeping our family healthy. In the past twelve months, we have set aside the over-the-counter products we were using for everything --from headaches to colds and allergies to first-aid-- in favor of natural solutions with oils. I have a lab book and journals full of notes and ideas and am so excited to begin to share what I am learning! Please pray with us as I move forward with this and let me know if you have ever wondered and would like to know more about oils.

• We have a fledgling driver in the family! Miss M earned her permit in January, so we have a new family chauffeur. I call her "Granny Jeeves" (which makes her roll her eyes quite strenuously), a nod to her tendency to slow nearly to a stop just after she starts off! She is doing well and having a great time --and is already looking very much forward to her license.

• Our whole family is participating in the new choir at church - what a joy to sing together! And the sweetlings and I are part of the new interpretive movement team as well. It has been a long time since IMFC at EBC, and it is so much fun to be in motion again ^_~

Wow, that is a lot when all written down together, and I didn't mention the eldest sweetlings' birthdays, the new book I started reading yesterday, the blessings jar, or my haircut - lol! What a joy to live these days ♥