Saturday, February 4, 2017

in, with & by

From my reading this morning, upon the subject of living loved and making sure that I take time with Him daily...

"We run at a breakneck pace to try and achieve what God simply wants us to slow down enough to receive. He really does have it all worked out. The gaps are filled. The heartache is eased. The provision is ready. The needs are met. The questions answered. The problems are solved.

In Him. With Him. By Him.

We just have to turn to Him. And sit with Him. No matter what. Even if our toes are bloody from the constant wear and tear of desperately running to Him. Get to Him daily."

Oh, to faithfully remember that He is I AM and that all things --all things-- are to Him and through Him. The LION and the LAMB, the BEGINNING and the END. Oh, to faithfully be there morning after morning after morning working out my faith, my life in His precious heart's words with Him. Pray. Read. Study. Listen. Pray. Practice. Repeat. Until the muscle memory of my heart and soul cannot do anything but recall His power, grace, mercy and love, and the hope that lives and breathes there with Him spills right out and all over everywhere around this one life as I simply abide. And He is glorified. And His Name is proclaimed. And life in Him defeats death again and again ♥

quote from Uninvited by LTerKeurst

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