Saturday, February 18, 2017


I say it over and over again, but there are just so many things...

• sweet, sweet Saturday

• friends to love

• the privilege of prayer

• time with Jamie

• the sweetlings playing together, their laughter

• learning new things

• talking and laughing with my sister on the phone for more than an hour

• wonderful things to read

• seeing the Father at work again and again and again

• adding the third color to the blanket I am making for Jamie

• adding lovely things to my encouragement wall

• this precious place in time

• wonderful winter with the promise of spring

• beautiful paper and a great pen

• mama-hearts to hear and to share and to know and to love

• this from my reading this week: "the peace of our souls is tethered to all that God is"

• much more

• making valentines

• celebrating every single thing

• sharing a new adventure

Oh, what a joy to realize that I could just go on and on every time I come here to list for a while. Such a full heart today. So many, many thankful things ♥

quote from Uninvited by L TerKeurst

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