Sunday, March 5, 2017

maybe, baby

Those moments when...

...your 8 year old is listening to her pastor teaching on John 17:1-5. For the first time in her memory she learns that when Jesus called God, "Abba," He was calling Him, "Daddy."  She then leans over and whispers in your ear, "Maybe that's why a baby's first word is 'Da-Da!'"

And you really just want to jump right out of the pew and shout a little...

...and when your 11 year old (also listening to the teaching above) is writing words that describe Jesus for every letter in the word, "righteous." At letter e, he writes, "enough."

And then you really just want to dance...

... and when a prayer that you have been praying for your precious husband is being answered right before your eyes, in such a way that it could be nothing but God saying, "See, sweet? In my time, everything is just so beautiful."

And all you can do is grin and cry and try to sing... realize that this morning is the morning you have been waiting for all week --to be there watching and listening when these moments arrive ♥

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