Thursday, March 23, 2017

that I have a cup at all

Sitting here at my desk listening to my sweetlings playing outside under my window. Somehow, they always seem to migrate to a place nearby. And that brings to mind a gorgeous piece that precious Ann wrote years and years and years ago. She wrote that many times when we view a situation, our lives, a cup, we consider the question, "Half empty or half full?" When perhaps we should be focusing on the fact that the Father has given a cup at all.

And so, from that place today, sheltered in His right hand, listing...

• a Savior
• a life
• a home
• a family
• friends
• food
• shelter
• clean water
• clothing
• rest
• love
• peace
• joy much. Just so much.

And then the much more overflowing from just the few hours in this one day...

• this gorgeous, perfect spring day
• the Carolina blue sky
• the wonderful, cool temperatures
• a lovely, productive and fun school day
• dreaming & decorating for spring with Ila
• folding clean clothes
• peppermint, lemon, and lavender in the diffuser
• the re-emerging of healthy blooms on the crab apple tree
• sidewalk art - allll the way around to Poppy's house
• Jamie coming in looking happy and rested
• sweet memories in sparkling vases
• time
• the joy and privilege of praying with/for friends old & new
• music that not only sounds but speaks
• understanding (if only a little)
• hugs
• wonderful stories to share
• ex-po-titions (even just out into the back yard and under a bush)
• realizing that I am all-there in the moments of this day
• so many reasons to say, "thanks"

Happy Thursday afternoon, Friends! With so much love ♥

quote :"that I have a cup at all" via a blog post from long, long ago written by Ann V

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