Monday, April 24, 2017

hello, beautiful morning!

Sweetest sweetling related epiphany of the day so far...

It is possible that they will never realize all of the ways God uses them to bless this mommy heart of mine every day. Waking this morning, I realized yet another one. They greet the day so very joyfully --every single day! They have all done that since they were tiny. What a gift for them and for me!

As I opened my eyes this morning (no matter how I set my clock, I never can seem to be awake before they are - lol), I heard their gentle voices as they talked together. One of them would say something and they all burst into sweet giggles and then outright laughter, and it was just so beautiful. And it reminded me to take a moment to consider how I greet the day.

If I am not careful, all of the to-do lists, all of the busy-ness, all of the challenges begin to pour into my thoughts, and I forget the immeasurable blessing of simply, joyfully beginning a new day ♥

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