Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the only forever thing

Sitting at my desk tonight with the remnants of the day... A gorgeous day, it was spent as most of mine are, priceless, with Jamie and my sweetlings and the sweet blessings of friends. The little ones are tucked into bed, the eldest enjoying her almost-summertime later hours, and Jamie and I are working away across the room from one another (but close enough for winks and smiles through the glass of the sun room doors).

In my reading this evening, I discovered a treasure: love's the only forever thing. Gracious, it strikes me still! Of all of the things, the time, the dreams I hold so very dear, it's only love I get to keep. I look through the moment to the faces of so many precious family and friends in my mind's eye --and I am awash in grateful thanks for love that never ends. It's forever because, like me, they know Christ Jesus.

And sweet friends, I have to be sure that you know, too. It is God's love, the hope and the love that we have in Christ, that endures. He loves us; He chose us and died for us, and all we have to do is choose Him back.

Make no mistake. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that this world can promise you that will last. Nothing. But if we know Christ, we know love. The only forever thing ♥

Friday, May 26, 2017


It was a tough school morning. Do you know those? You're a little off kilter because you are already thinking past the current moments into the rest of the day, and that sets the sweetlings' moods, and then yuck! So we backed up, took a little time to hug and reset our attitudes, and worked it out.

In addition to the mom-created messy, it was a challenging day in MSI's subjects, too. Each one had to re-do several things, which stretched the school day out. Not anywhere close to the light Friday we are spoiled to - lol!

We made it, and I am sitting here listening to Ila hammer away on the piano, creating her own brand of symphony with several instruments beside her on the piano bench. Samuel is running his soccer ball around the yard, and Meredith is lunging her horse. And these points of perspective come to mind...

• we are all one week closer to completing another school year

• my sweetlings and I have exercised together every day this week

• there is a three-day weekend to celebrate ► extra time with Jamie

• Samuel and I had a beautiful discussion today about dreams and planning for the future with an eye to longing for the Father's will

• it's an absolutely lovely day outside

• my devotions this week have been speaking directly to some of the things closest to my heart

• there are answered prayers all around in our life and in the lives of those around us

• I have seen a miracle this week, God's protection for a precious friend

• what a joy to have the privilege of praying with and for our family and friends --and for those we don't even know yet

These are just a few of the things tumbling, showering down as I continue to sit and to see. So, happy Friday, friends! Happy weekend ♥

Thursday, May 25, 2017

love them

Here at the end of a lovely day, I am spending some time with my journals. Not writing tonight, as you might expect, but reading. What a joy to find treasures like this one from July 2007...

Today, I took a quiet moment to read the following exhortation from a lovely lady named Jewels, a new friend, written from her mama-heart. It is for all of us who have in our acquaintance the precious gift of a child.

"Live slowly and simply, so that you have the time and space to love deeply and well.

Hold your children close, as often as possible.

Look deeply into their eyes, speak words of life, love and acceptance - into, and over them.

Make it your single aim to be their very best friend (on earth).

Read to them, draw with them, make play dough, take walks, have picnics, make ice cream, tousle their hair, rub their backs, sit beside them, kiss them, kiss them, as you hold them tenderly, close--throughout every single day.

Love them."

A perfect reminder at the very busy ending of the school year, yes? As I look toward planning for our summer together, I am taking another (better, closer) look at the minutes and the hours. The years are taking care of themselves ♥

Thursday, May 18, 2017

if you...

“I am still confident of this: 
I will see the goodness of the LORD 
in the land of the living. 
Wait for the LORD; 
be strong and take heart 
and wait for the LORD."
                                                                     Pslam 27: 13-14

My sweet friend, Lee Ann wrote about this Scripture just yesterday. What a joy to know that verses that have come to mean so very much to me mean so very much to precious friends, too. I know only the tiniest portion of the place from which she writes, shares, holds onto this Scripture --and yet, when God takes hold of these promises for her in my heart, too, we are warriors together. And it is a blessing, and it is hard, but it is also life and rest and even joy --in the Master's hands.

As I celebrated my mom over the weekend, so much love and so many prayers for friends whose loved ones have left for heaven this year filled my heart and mind. So, if you are one among them, know that you have someone warrior-ing with you, and that you are so very, very loved ♥

Monday, May 8, 2017

just how

Sweetest moment of the day so far...

Sitting at the dining room table having lunch with my sweetlings, the conversation loud, playful, and often wonderfully silly, and my son stops still, mid-sentence and asks, "Mom, just how do you know when God is speaking to you? How does he call you? How do you know for sure it's Him?"

With those three questions, we find that the conversation changes in the altogether. No longer loud, we are gentle and quiet, hopeful and earnest. No longer playful, we are quite serious and filled to bursting with joy and wonder. No longer silly, we are amazed and just so very, very thankful.

We talked over their stories and mine --of God's faithfulness. What a gift not always to be the one telling, but to be told!

We remembered the days He called each one of us personally to come and be a part of His family. We shared the ways we know He speaks and makes Himself known in our lives. We reminded one another that He has promised to be found if we seek Him with all our hearts.

The sweetlings helped me tell my own stories, so familiar now to them, of God's great grace and of His sharing with me the callings on my life. They remembered the foot lamp times that I had told them about when the Father shared His heart for days to come with me when I asked.

And I reminded them of so many things, some they could recall and others not, that God has done in answer to their prayers. So much He has done already in their lives!

Oh, the joy of those sweet moments, this day ♥

Sunday, May 7, 2017

eleven eleven

For years and years now, my sister and I have had a clock prayer pact. It makes me laugh to write that, because I can't even remember how this started. I'm pretty sure that's a perk of life-long love, and maybe that's the best part of this story...

Anyway, wherever I am and wherever she is, when we look at a clock and the time reads all the same digits, we stop and pray for one another. Time zones don't matter, and neither do points on the map. Thank God for that because we are so rarely anywhere in close proximity these days (except by heart).

Most of the time - the time catches me by surprise. I walk by a clock, and it will read 4:44, and Paige pops to mind and I am praying. Joy! What a lovely comfort to know that she is out there lifting me up, too, when time catches her by surprise. Oh, it makes me smile, and I am so grateful for a sister who takes time to pray just for me.

At the time of this writing, it is allllmost 11:11 where I am. I can't recall a time I have sat by and watched for the matching numbers to roll up, so this is a first. But I am watching them tonight, MPBT, right now. Love you ♥