Sunday, May 7, 2017

eleven eleven

For years and years now, my sister and I have had a clock prayer pact. It makes me laugh to write that, because I can't even remember how this started. I'm pretty sure that's a perk of life-long love, and maybe that's the best part of this story...

Anyway, wherever I am and wherever she is, when we look at a clock and the time reads all the same digits, we stop and pray for one another. Time zones don't matter, and neither do points on the map. Thank God for that because we are so rarely anywhere in close proximity these days (except by heart).

Most of the time - the time catches me by surprise. I walk by a clock, and it will read 4:44, and Paige pops to mind and I am praying. Joy! What a lovely comfort to know that she is out there lifting me up, too, when time catches her by surprise. Oh, it makes me smile, and I am so grateful for a sister who takes time to pray just for me.

At the time of this writing, it is allllmost 11:11 where I am. I can't recall a time I have sat by and watched for the matching numbers to roll up, so this is a first. But I am watching them tonight, MPBT, right now. Love you ♥

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