Thursday, May 25, 2017

love them

Here at the end of a lovely day, I am spending some time with my journals. Not writing tonight, as you might expect, but reading. What a joy to find treasures like this one from July 2007...

Today, I took a quiet moment to read the following exhortation from a lovely lady named Jewels, a new friend, written from her mama-heart. It is for all of us who have in our acquaintance the precious gift of a child.

"Live slowly and simply, so that you have the time and space to love deeply and well.

Hold your children close, as often as possible.

Look deeply into their eyes, speak words of life, love and acceptance - into, and over them.

Make it your single aim to be their very best friend (on earth).

Read to them, draw with them, make play dough, take walks, have picnics, make ice cream, tousle their hair, rub their backs, sit beside them, kiss them, kiss them, as you hold them tenderly, close--throughout every single day.

Love them."

A perfect reminder at the very busy ending of the school year, yes? As I look toward planning for our summer together, I am taking another (better, closer) look at the minutes and the hours. The years are taking care of themselves ♥

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