Friday, May 26, 2017


It was a tough school morning. Do you know those? You're a little off kilter because you are already thinking past the current moments into the rest of the day, and that sets the sweetlings' moods, and then yuck! So we backed up, took a little time to hug and reset our attitudes, and worked it out.

In addition to the mom-created messy, it was a challenging day in MSI's subjects, too. Each one had to re-do several things, which stretched the school day out. Not anywhere close to the light Friday we are spoiled to - lol!

We made it, and I am sitting here listening to Ila hammer away on the piano, creating her own brand of symphony with several instruments beside her on the piano bench. Samuel is running his soccer ball around the yard, and Meredith is lunging her horse. And these points of perspective come to mind...

• we are all one week closer to completing another school year

• my sweetlings and I have exercised together every day this week

• there is a three-day weekend to celebrate ► extra time with Jamie

• Samuel and I had a beautiful discussion today about dreams and planning for the future with an eye to longing for the Father's will

• it's an absolutely lovely day outside

• my devotions this week have been speaking directly to some of the things closest to my heart

• there are answered prayers all around in our life and in the lives of those around us

• I have seen a miracle this week, God's protection for a precious friend

• what a joy to have the privilege of praying with and for our family and friends --and for those we don't even know yet

These are just a few of the things tumbling, showering down as I continue to sit and to see. So, happy Friday, friends! Happy weekend ♥

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