Tuesday, May 30, 2017

the only forever thing

Sitting at my desk tonight with the remnants of the day... A gorgeous day, it was spent as most of mine are, priceless, with Jamie and my sweetlings and the sweet blessings of friends. The little ones are tucked into bed, the eldest enjoying her almost-summertime later hours, and Jamie and I are working away across the room from one another (but close enough for winks and smiles through the glass of the sun room doors).

In my reading this evening, I discovered a treasure: love's the only forever thing. Gracious, it strikes me still! Of all of the things, the time, the dreams I hold so very dear, it's only love I get to keep. I look through the moment to the faces of so many precious family and friends in my mind's eye --and I am awash in grateful thanks for love that never ends. It's forever because, like me, they know Christ Jesus.

And sweet friends, I have to be sure that you know, too. It is God's love, the hope and the love that we have in Christ, that endures. He loves us; He chose us and died for us, and all we have to do is choose Him back.

Make no mistake. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that this world can promise you that will last. Nothing. But if we know Christ, we know love. The only forever thing ♥

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