Wednesday, June 28, 2017

all day & anyway

The sweetlings have been helping Jamie with projects big time this week. He has them working in the greenhouse, the shop, and the garden from morning until late afternoon. I don't know when I have seen them so tired! LoL! But, oh! The learning that is going on is inspiring (and messy, muddy, fun, lengthy, hilarious...). Priceless to have time with him, to be enjoyed and valued, needed for their own abilities and gifts and creativity, I don't think they will ever forget these days.

The most interesting phenomenon is what happens when they come in. We have a snack, we catch up on each person's adventures of the day, and we all take a little down time (Ila likes a play bath, Samuel, his video games, and Meredith heads to the barn while Jamie and I work on projects of our own). And then? They say joyful yeses when it's time to help some more.

I love what God does with our hearts when we empty them for others. This week, our sweetlings are living a lesson before us about serving others. It is a challenge and it is so lovely ♥

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