Monday, June 12, 2017

hellooo pro-fessah

So this may be the last couple of days I will ever have an eight year old, and that may be breaking my heart even though I am thankful beyond telling that she is healthy and well and growing like crazy. And I may be sitting here at my desk with joy flowing right out of my eyes, down my cheeks and dripping onto my perpetual navy tee - grinning and giggling to myself over her latest adventure, and thanking the Father for her life.

In addition to that, I may just be creating a gift with my hands for that precious crafty sweetling. A box of bits and jars and droppers-full of fun things and a tiny little mortar and pestle, and all manner of herbs and oils, sprinkles, glitters, stones and feathers. There's a gorgeous little journal for her recipes, a wee pair of scissors, and there are extra bottles and jars to stopper her creations.

So I am tipping my hat eve-of-birthday style to wonderful memories of the chem labs I have loved, as well as a certain super hero in disguise potions professor, and saying a prayer for my littlest one as I look forward to all that she will discover in this little laboratory of her very own. Oh, friends, the years are taking care of themselves ♥

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