Wednesday, June 7, 2017

in the swing

Sweetest sweetling moments of the day so far...

...all three of them piling into bed with me early this morning for cuddles and to talk over the books we're reading.

...Ila coming to take me by the hand to lead me to the front porch. She wanted to be the one to introduce me to this beautiful day! It is absolutely gorgeous out there. We talked over plans for her birthday coming up next week, laughed about how joyful the birds seem to be today, and wondered over the lovely breeze and relief from humidity.

...listening to them playing together up in Samuel's room right now. They talk and talk, burst into laughter, and I am quite sure they they are building something wonderful (looking forward to being invited to "come and see" here in a few minutes).

Getting into the swing of summer here. What joy ♥

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