Friday, June 23, 2017

of this day

Counting them one by one...

a day all five together
gentle mornings, slow to start
homemade breakfast by J
time to play
beautiful rain
the sweetlings' laughter
no particular agenda or schedule
pop-up family projects
friends to celebrate
joy-filled news
answers to prayers
fresh, cold water
the ability to stand and go and be
inspiration & just so much creativity
a new book to enjoy
the sweetlings singing along to fav radio
return to blooming of the pink roses
a party to plan
praying with & for so many precious folks
sweet fresh strawberries & peaches
blackberries and raspberries on our canes
making plans
crafting fun
notes written and others to write
a fun new movie
the quiet of this late evening
that tomorrow is a Saturday
the gift of so many someones to love
a delicious cup of coffee
sweet memories
goodnight cuddles and sweetling kisses

And looking forward to all the every days with hope ♥

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