Friday, July 21, 2017

a gift to share

Our littlest sweetling received a belated birthday gift the other day, a bracelet making kit.  What joy to her because she had already finished all of her summer craft kits! She was so excited to get started with it (oh, what a crafting heart she has), but she has been quite busy on projects with Jamie this summer. Today was the first day she had extra time in which to just be, so of course, she opened it up. She spent the better part of this very warm summer afternoon happily tucked away in her room making bracelets.

I have a lovely red and purple one (my fav color & hers), Meredith has a beautiful rainbow one, and Samuel's is a super-cool yellow and blue. We were all delighted and are wearing them proudly. She has plans for bracelets for Jamie and many others of her family and friends, too, but there has been no mention of the one she will make for herself --no plan, no saving of a certain color or particular pieces "just for me." 

She has always loved to share, and it has always been a joy. But today, she has put everyone she can think of on a list before herself, and it was such a picture (such a picture!!) of the kind of heart I long to have. One day I will share what a blessing the lesson she lived before me on this sweet together Friday has been ♥

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