Saturday, August 12, 2017

of tractor tires & becoming

Sweetest all-five-at-home-together moment of the day so far...

When your husband walks in the door from mowing the lawn frustrated to the point of angry, and you can see it all over him. And he is so rarely ever angry, so you immediately feel sorry for him as you wonder how his afternoon will be mended.

As you wait and watch to see how you might help, you see him make the choice to be gentle, to laugh, to enjoy a break with us for a snack in spite of all the frustration. And you watch your sweetlings watching him, realizing that they, too, know full well how he is feeling about that tractor tire.

You stop and pray, thanking God for the gentleman who is their daddy and your own other half. A man who is far from perfect, but a beautiful one who leads with his life anyway ♥

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