Tuesday, August 8, 2017

on the day you begin

Hi there! It seems a little strange to be writing to you when you and I have yet to meet, though I feel like I know you and already love you as the son of my precious friend --and for all the joy you are to all those I have heard speak of you. My heart and mind are full of your precious family this early morning on this day. It's a big day, and I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to see what God has in mind for you! Count on my prayers as you begin this next adventure.

I am also praying for your mom's heart. I have listened to her share, watched her eyes dance and fill, and oh! The sweet grins and big, gorgeous laughter as she talks about you have been an absolute delight.

I remember the day my dad and mom dropped me off on the doorstep of a new day. I was so ready! Oh, I can't even express to you how "so ready" I was. It makes me laugh to remember thinking, "Let's get on with this!" And then... I walked them out, and they headed for home. And I walked back up to my room and found a note on my pillow from my mom.

Can you guess what she had written? "I just left, honey, and I am missing you already. I have been missing you for months, trying on the idea of days that you are not dancing through here present with us." She had been trying to practice letting me go. I imagine she had been praying about that moment all my life, knowing the heart of a mother a little more now as I look at my own sweetlings.

And though she wouldn't keep me, though she knew God had plans (and that I had big ones, too), and even though she had been practicing, the actual doing of it was impossible --except for that place where she was reaching with me for all that I hoped. That's the place she asked the Father to meet her and keep her as I walked on.

So, sweet boy, on the day you begin, give her an extra hug and take an extra one for yourself. Much love --and joy and prayers, too ♥

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