Wednesday, October 18, 2017

seeing you

Sweetest JQ moment of the day so far...

So, Jamie and I have begun texting one another just little bits and phrases during the day. This December, we will have known one another for 29 years - that's the longest time I have done anything, besides be alive! Anyway, what a joy to find a new way to draw a little closer in the hours we are working apart. It always makes me smile to see his notes, knowing what a techie he is not --and knowing his great disdain for texting. In the last few days, he has started saying, "look forward to seeing you later" or something like. Six little words, and my heart just soars! I am always here looking so forward to seeing him again, too. How I love that man ♥

Gentlemen, if you are reading this, say the words. Simple, just you, but say them somehow.

Friday, October 13, 2017

right this minute

To have the joy of sitting in my writing spot with a delicious cup of coffee here in my home and look back on the day. A day at home. A commonplace, regular day. Oh, my heart is so full; I am so thankful!

As I take a look at the date of my last visit here, I am amazed. So many busy, different days. So much time spent hoping and waiting, hoping and waiting, hoping and waiting. So much time spent in prayer and then in counting on Holy Spirit to do that for me as time stretched on.

It's difficult for me to write when I can't "think in a straight line," but praise comes and thanks comes as easy as breathing. And you know that if we don't do it, the rocks will cry out ;) so I'll gladly count myself alongside the granite and stones if nothing is making sense. The Father knows, even when I can't smith the words and phrases.

So, simply, but with a bursting heart...

I have spent the day at home.
It has been a gentle, sweet, productive day.
Dad has had a good day. He is tired but feeling well.
My sweetlings and I have been together every moment of it.
Jamie is now home for the weekend.
We have no plans except to spend it together.

There are absolute mountains of things to do, but I am grinning at them wide and deep. And the grins turn to laughter so quickly (and a few tears are sprinkled in there, too).

For daily bread (in so many ways), for these moments, for health and strength and mercy and joy... I just wanted to say out loud, Thanks ♥