Thursday, November 30, 2017

of dart questing and couch secrets

Cutest sweetling moment of the day so far...

Samuel, upon discovering one of his most prized royal blue Nerf darts on the piano bench during lunch, launched a full on initiative to find every single one of them. He jumped up from the table, dashed to the couch, flung the pillows back, and shouted, "All right, couch, reveal your secrets!"

It's a high adventure day here, for sure ^_^ But alas, much to his great sadness, the couch has yielded but one smashed royal blue dart. Onward, then, with great heart (and the girls and I still grinning madly at his antics - how we love that boy!) ♥

Thursday, November 23, 2017


For Who He is, for all that He has done.

For what He can do that no one else can.

That He could make a moment, hold it, change it so that things I thought were impossible, beyond me, are just not. As a matter of fact, the burden is light, just like He said.

That He would create in me a heart and mind even just a little something like His: imagination, joy, creativity, the ability and privilege of seeing.

Because He loves me, and because He gives me the choice of choosing Him back.

Because He first loved me, I get to love, too.

The Son He gave.

The gifts He's given and keeps on giving.

When I take a moment to breathe, to watch, to listen, there is just. so. much.

First, I thank my God... Romans 1:8a ♥

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

a patchwork of faces

Sitting in a little room not my own, in a writing spot quite unfamiliar. It's tough to patch the words together with so much running though my mind, but the faces of this day just keep coming to mind again and again and again...

So tonight I am writing just a glimpse of their stories as they blended with mine today, walking a few seconds or minutes together. Together!

• For the precious lady and young man whose smiles and help with the car were so much more than just the least they could have done. At a very busy station outside a teeming parking garage, when the traffic was messy and the lunch hour crowd was pressing, they listened, advised, and gently found solutions with great kindness. A simple thank you seems so inadequate.

• For the mom I met just outside purple deck in garage B with the tiny sweetling in her arms who looked so sad, eyes filling even as I touched her shoulder to ask if she needed help to find her way. I cannot forget your face, and I am praying!

• For the greeter at the desk just inside the tower who couldn't stop rejoicing over the return of her uncle from Afghanistan as she colored a map to show me how to find the place to post my letters. It is still making me smile to think of the joy on your face! I hope the Veteran's Day celebration you have planned will be just gorgeous!

• For the couple I met across the tunnel and just outside the elevators, lost and looking for the right place to be at a "just so" time to plan for a big operation. The relief on your faces when we stumbled upon the right place, the smiles and laughter we shared at ending up there in spite of ourselves, and the hope we spoke of as you went on your way...

• For the family I met just outside the elevator as we discussed the best way to navigate a wheelchair into the lift. The concern on your faces touched my heart even as you huddled close together, the love you share so evident that a stranger could easily see. What a blessing to see how you reached for one another.

• For the nurses on 9CC. Your faces have been a gift every single day. The joy and concern, the help, the information, the sweet lovingkindness --even when your own days have been busy, full to bursting with things to do and care to give.

• For the young lady who packed up my supper this evening, what a day you have had! But you smiled and said, "Nice to meet you!" anyway. And it was such a joy to find ourselves in conversation as you had a little respite from the rush. The way you shared your heart about taking care of the people who come in your store each day, your hope for good rest tonight, and they way you were already looking forward to tomorrow were a lovely benediction to my own different day.

I could have written something similar on so many of the days of the past two months. As my heart has ached with hoping and missing and wishing, their hearts do, too, those precious people I meet, and whisper hellos to, and sometimes visit with for a moment or two.

Finding the thankful things and doing my best to see beyond the end of my own nose ♥