Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I thought about you today. Actually, it wasn't one of those times when memory comes rushing over and I laugh out loud or weep. It was such a moment that I didn't even realize until I sat down to catch up with my favorite journals and maybe write a word or two of my own.

In the moments of this early afternoon as I worked in the kitchen with Samuel, there you were. My sweet boy and I talked a mile a minute, laughing and working, with occasional bursts into song and some pretty astonishing dance moves. And it was you! Just the things you used to do, things that bubbled right up wherever you were --that we enjoyed so much and remember still.

How did I miss it at the time? The air was sparkling and the joy absolutely effervescent!

It makes me laugh to think that you would whisper that not noticing was perfect, because it placed me wholly in those moments with Samuel. And that's the real gift, yes?

I love you! I am so grateful for the legacy of the sparkling air, of joy that just overflows. I know it was the Christ in you that was extraordinary, and oh, how beautiful it was in you. I miss you! Merry Christmas ♥