Monday, January 8, 2018

glad surrender

With the coming of the new year, I have picked up a new book. Determined to add reading to my own list of wonderful things to do each day (I usually read new things for myself only in summer, being inundated with reading for the sweetlings and for our school here), I am striking forth with a purpose!

This little book has been on my wish list for ages, and now that I have begun it, I don't believe I will be apart from it in my thinking spaces ever again. Discipline: the Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot is going to be another "book of my life." I am now eight days in, taking it bit by bit in my morning quiet time, and it is already such a challenge that I am at once delighted and teary.

Here's just a smidgen of the wonderful tucked into my reading this morning... "It is on the basis of solid conviction that He is both sovereign and loving that we commit ourselves to Him unconditionally, believing that what we leave behind is less than nothing compared to what we hope for."

Walking on with joy in this first day back to daily days ♥

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