Friday, January 12, 2018

rainy day sunshine

Stopping here for just a few minutes to record the joy of an unexpected afternoon. Hours spent in conversation, some heart-wrenching (in both good and tough ways) and other parts hilarious. Oh, that sweet laughter, even when it's through tears!

And the absolute beauty, the gift of listening to a heart sold out to Christ. Watching her face as she speaks is a joy! Such a thing to say when she was sharing burdens that are as tough and challenging and heart breaking as they come, I know, but her face! No matter the subject, it was alight with the certainty that God holds her in His hand just like He promised.

The sweetlings and I are studying the sun in science right now, and we were discussing the brilliance of God's glory just this morning. Sharing the story about Moses and the cleft of the rock, we marveled at the fact that his face shone after seeing just a bit of the glory of the LORD as He passed by. It shone so much that Moses had to wear a veil so he wouldn't frighten the people! LoL!

I saw that beautiful glory reflected in the precious life of my friend today. I have been watching and learning from her for years and years now. She is not perfect; she is His. And that is a blessing every single time we get together. How thankful I am ♥

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