Thursday, January 11, 2018

the same thing over & over

When your littlest sweetling, who loves to pray, all of a sudden doesn't want to anymore... and when asked if she would like to, sadly lowers her eyes, shakes her head and says, "No, thank you..." you find a moment to talk to her to see what's up!

And you discover that she is embarrassed to talk to God, because she doesn't want to always say the same thing over and over. "Surely He gets bored hearing me tell Him all the things I always say! And, Mom! I'd be bored right out of my mind if my friends did that to me. I even have trouble when you're doing your mom things and telling me stuff again and again. So, I don't want to pray!"

You take a moment to thank God for the mind He has given your daughter, that she's really thinking about it. And then you gently tell her that it's OK, and that He wants a conversation with her. It's OK to thank Him for our food every single time we eat, because that is praise and it's good to say thank you. It's OK to lift up our families, our friends, and other folks over and over, because He understands that we care about them -- and everyone needs prayer every day. And what a lovely thing to do -- to consider, the way He's feeling about things and to want to bless Him, too.

Awash in the thankful things, especially the perks of this mom life ♥

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