Monday, March 12, 2018

the most important time of day

Working through Discipline: the Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliott, and it's taking me a while. This little book is packed, and I find that it is an imperative (for me, at least) to take it in just bit by bit.

I have been spending time with the Father each morning for a while now, but it was a joy to find encouragement and fresh ideas for ways to spend our time together...

The time spent alone with the Lord is the most important time of the day.

• Let it be a regular time. Have a special time for solitude and silence. If you have never done it before, start with ten minutes. You will be surprised how quickly it goes, and you will soon need to plan for more.

• Have a special place. Anywhere you can be alone, even if it has to be a closet, bathroom, or in the car in the garage.

• Pray. Include worship, thanksgiving, confession of sin, petition (including asking God to speak to you during your quiet time), and intercession (prayers for others).

• Journal. Note lessons learned, Scriptures applied to a particular need, prayers answered - this is a great encouragement to faith.

• Read a portion of the Bible in some ordered sequence. Read from Psalms and Proverbs daily, along with a potion of where you are in your other reading.

The best time for most people is early morning - not because most of us love jumping out of bed, but because it is the only time of day when we can be fairly sure of not being interrupted and because it is best to commune with God before you commune with people. Your attitude toward them will then arise out of your life in Him ♥

quoted from EE with a few sprinkles of Q