Monday, May 28, 2018

sweetest song

Dwelling on His love with sweetest song, that's how I am praising Him tonight and that is how I am doing battle. It's quiet here this time of day, the sweetlings are tucked in and Jamie and I are working away at our keyboards across the room from one another. I wonder if my singing reaches through his concentration? It makes me smile to think that the battle cry I am raising tonight could bless him ,too, by simply being a part of the background canvas to what he's writing for next Sunday morning...

I am writing tonight, because I simply never want to forget the hours of these recent days and weeks.

Word after word has come to me here, sharing the delight and wonder and indescribable joy of celebration: precious babies long anticipated and finally welcomed, years and years of hearts' prayers of precious parents and friends - hopes all wrapped in graduation weekends and plans for the fall.

Too, there's the joy of these last days of the gift of another completed school year with my own sweetlings, the view from this side of a summer stretching out before us and looking forward to more time with Jamie.

And word after word has come to me here, the heart-wrenching news of sickness and loss: mothers, so many mothers terribly, horribly sick - with husbands and small children who adore them. Women who have blessed their families and communities beyond telling. And they are so sick.

With the news comes the agony afresh and memories of my own mom's leaving for heaven. Most of the time my view there is clear and my heart remembers so well just how full the goodness of the Father is. But I am struggling right now with the knowing what it's like for your mom to leave, and I cannot seem to set that down at His feet again.

So, I sing. It's what I have done all of my life when the words to the prayers of my heart won't come  - to express the great joy or the great sorrow of the day. Holding fast to the promise that Holy Spirit intercedes when I cannot speak my heart, I sing.

To Our King be highest praise
Rising though eternal days
Just and faithful He shall reign
Jesus shall reign ♥

Original words to Jesus Shall Reign by Isaac Watts

Getty Hymn sing official lyric

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

o little firefly

I just stepped out to the front porch and saw my first fireflies of the season. Do you smile every single time you see one light? How I love them!

Just being themselves, they are a joy, aren't they? And then there is the wonder and delight of my sweetlings (year after year after year) when we pile into the kitchen for jars. Which one of us isn't overjoyed at the shrieks, squeals, and giggles that result from a dancing firefly hunt?

Memories flood in and I am sitting here thinking about the Firefly Adventure we created for one of Meredith's half birthdays. Precious family and friends came over and brought their tiny sweetlings, too, and we all wore adventure hats and had a glorious ex-po-tition. It's one of my favorites of our earliest celebrations.

All of that to say, don't we have a gorgeous heavenly Father? To think of him sitting and grinning and creating the first firefly, giving it a light... oh! It makes me smile! What interesting and wonderful gifts He loves to give.

And yet I have been wrestling all day long with myself. Do you have those days, too? Here at the close of the day, in answer to my wondering, a firefly lights up and I remember. All of His gifts are good, including His timing. And so I wait, doing what I know for sure He has given me to do right now. Resting in the certainty that when it's time for the next thing, He will let me know ♥