Saturday, June 2, 2018


• The way a raindrop hung on the tip of every leaf yesterday after a storm, and the moment the sun burst through the clouds and they all were alight. My view from the front porch was filled to bursting with fairy lights made of water, and it was simply breathtaking.

• The look on my son's face every time his dad asks him to help with a project or a chore or an opinion - his heart shining through his eyes.

• The possibilities.

• Watching as my littlest one experiences a book series that we have all loved for herself. We have held the stories close for so long! Watching her eyes dance and then her brow wrinkle as she meets characters and situations and tries to decide what she thinks. And the great anticipation of her finishing each book and the glorious discussion to come.

• Planning for my family as the change to summer days approaches.

• Hope.

• Talking with Meredith about future days. The ones coming up this summer, and this fall, and then later on. Working to balance the joy of seeing her wings catching the air with the mom-cry, "Can it be possible that we are here already?" Waiting and keeping watch with her through prayer as she makes decisions.

• Waking up with Jamie.

• The gift and privilege of praying with friends near and far. Day after day after day the notes and calls and messages pour in. Sometimes it feels like I will burst with hoping or rejoicing or sorrow, but what a gift to be asked to pray and then to be able to talk with the Father for a while.

• Words.

• Finding the thankful things.

• The joy of a call from a sweet friend about everyday things turned into fifteen minutes or so of laughter and fun and making plans.

Listing, because everywhere I look if I am really looking, there is a blessing.
And I do not want to forget ♥

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