Joy-Full Oils

Oh, I am so glad you clicked on this tab, because I am fairly bursting to share a story with you ♥ God has given me a business of my own. What a joy! 

Several years ago now, I had a message from my sweet cousin. In it, she said simply, “You need to look into these.” She meant Young Living’s essential oils. I was intrigued!  In the beginning was research (how I love it)...

My sweetlings were catching every single thing that went around --and then the sickies usually cycled through our home at least once and often twice! My boys struggle with allergies, and I have dealt with headaches my whole life. Those are the things that got me started searching. I researched company after company and could not find a single other one that made a promise to families. YL does everything from choosing the land to planting the seeds, to growing and harvesting , distilling, testing, having tests done, and bottling. They know exactly what’s in the bottles, because they do it all -- and they guarantee purity to families. From this mom’s perspective, promising purity to me for use with my children is about as serious a promise as you can make!

So, that’s the first why. We chose YL because of Seed-to-Seal.
You can read more about that here if you like.

My kit came and I started using the oils and discovering that they really do work. For everything! It amazes me to this day (years later). And that’s why we are still with YL

That's the second why: truly great products that are well made, safe, effective, and pure (no yucky chemicals). We have ditched the old stand-by products and switched all of our everyday wellness supplies, our personal products, and our household cleaning supplies to things made with oils.

As I used my oils and other YL products more and more, I couldn’t help but share what we were doing, and friends and family began to ask questions. Then they started asking how they could get a kit, too, and now there is a simply gorgeous community of oilers called Joy-Full Oils. We are learning and growing and investing in the health and wellness of our families --together.  It is a blessing every day to be walking alongside this precious group of people; it is such a joy!

And now? I get to say to you that you are invited! As you pray, research, plan, and work to provide for the health and wellness of your family, you can do that with me.

You can begin just the way I did with a Premium Starter Kit! It’s the best way to begin. There are oils in it to support every system of the body, a diffuser of your choice, and your YL membership is included (which means a 24% discount on everything.  Also, it’s the best bang for your buck :) You get these things for about half of what you would pay if you picked them up separately.  I have a welcome bag for you when your kit arrives to help you get started, and it’s my unending joy to help you keep on learning each day --and to create a story of your own.

Click here to begin ► Quinne Bridges YL #3576408