essential oils

I am so glad you clicked on this tab, because I am bursting to share a story with you ♥
It all started one day in 2015 when I saw a FB post my sweet cousin put up about how blessed her family had been by using essential oils. Well, that kicked off a year of research for me - what fun! During that year, I believe the Father was raising up a heart for wellness in me that continues to this day.

Jamie and I chose Young Living because of their guarantee of purity to families. It's a seed to seal promise, and they are the only essential oil company that has one! Young Living plants the seeds, cultivates and harvests the plants, and distills the oils gently on their own farms all over the world --and then they test them extensively (in-house and third party) before sealing the bottles. It’s a promise of purity, unmatched anywhere, and you can read more here ► Seed to Seal

We continue to use essential oils daily, because they are consistently effective. They are our go-to, our first response to just about everything for support and wellness for every system of our bodies. We are enjoying them so much! God is our healer and our sustainer. We are thankful for His leading in this for our family, and we are thankful to have a natural, pure alternative for the products we use daily.

Most recently, we replaced all of our personal grooming and hygiene products with solutions I created with oils (including everything from bath wash to shampoo to deodorant). We also replaced all of our household cleaning items with products I made with oils.

So... why am I telling you my story, our story about essential oils? Because we all need them as a part of our daily walk - natural wellness support and no yucky chemicals! We are the gatekeepers for our homes. It is a privilege, a blessing, and a great responsibility. We pray, research, plan, and provide for the health and wellness of our families.

You can begin just the way I did with Young Living's Premium Starter Kit. I am an educator and distributor for Young Living, and it would be my joy to walk alongside you as you learn and oil and create a story of your own.