Hi ♥ I am so glad that you stopped by!

Welcome to my journal! It is a delight to seek each day for the joy that the Father places in it. That is mostly what you will find recorded here. You will also find a little bit of the process of becoming... of gathering-in a new way to see... of abiding, and hoping, and loving, and living in praise to the Father who first loved me.

Here is a bit more about how I came to this space, this journal: beginning

We welcome our days here under the trees one moment at a time, recording joy, bearing witness to His care and His grace. Finding the thankful things is the broad theme, and the gift of passing of our days together is the canvas.

I pray that you will be blessed by your visit ♥

Oh! And I am a devoted believer in the truth that a written word is worth a thousand pictures ^_~ So, though I am thoroughly aware of the gorgeous flavor that pictures can add, you will understand if they are scarce.

With love & hugs,